Here's some cream-in-your-jeans original fiction.

The Academy

Teacher's Dilemma

When a young gay man gets a teaching job at an all-boys academy, he thinks he can control his urges. But a cute (and hung) freshman gets him embarrassingly aroused in front of the class. The class bully then forces his teacher to have a humiliating accident in a room full of mastubating students! (With thanks to Philip for the inspiration)

The Academy Revisited

In this sequel to Teacher's Dilemma, the teacher makes good on his classroom masturbation policy. But when a young student falls in love with his teacher, professional ethics gives way to throbbing excitement!

Health Class at the Academy NEW!

The academy continues its tradition of making the burgeoning sexuality of young men as tortured as possible. In the mandatory health class, the school's football coach gives the boys a lesson in controlling their dicks. When some of them lose control, they get a taste of erotic discipline!

No Big Deal

A couple of long-time buddies develop a very special way of relieving their balls of pent-up sperm -- it's like a wide-awake wet dream. They're unexpectedly joined by a neighbor boy who can't believe the way these guys fill their jeans with cum but never climax! An odd tale, maybe not for everyone. (Very graphics intensive. May take a while to load using dial-up.)

Cory's Lesson

Cory looks up to the older boy next door, Jason, like a big brother. When Jason tries to give Cory a lesson in controlling his teenaged cock, self control gives way to exciting (and humiliating) release!

Cory's Next Lesson

Cory thinks he needs more lessons in holding back his cum. Jason is more than willing to provide them, but it turns out that Jason could use a little help in that department, too!


This is the five-part story of Brian and Gene -- high-school football players and best friends -- each with a serious case of the hornies. Over time, they discover that getting each other off can be fun and guilt-free, especially if they never actually touch each other's cocks.

Varsity 1

Gene and Brian double date, and they both come home with cummy jeans. On another night when their dates are unavailable, they still come back from the movies with wet spots.
(Note: I wrote this work in the early 80's and it has been widely posted so you may recognize it. The following four chapters should be new to you.)

Varsity 2

The guys try picking up chicks at the mall, but end up in an adult bookstore.

Varsity 3

After a weekend workout, the guys find themselves in their deserted high school locker room -- with uncontrollably bulging jock straps.

Varsity 4

Gene's too sexy for his outfit at school -- sweatpants, boxers, and a short T-shirt spell trouble when your cock goes out of control. Later, Brian tries to control his own cock in sweats.

Varsity 5

The weight room provides a backdrop for wrestling, groping, cumming, and self-discovery.

The J.O.C.K. Club

Part 1

Kenny found out he wasn't the only one jacking off in his pants in class. His friend introduced him to a club in which the guy with the biggest cum stain gets to call the shots. (With photos)

Part 2

Kenny and his new friend Jon check out some hot chicks on the Internet with predictable results. But Jon's interest in Kenny's boxers makes the next J.O.C.K. meeting even more interesting!

Part 3

Kenny arranges a private jeans creaming contest between Jon and Rod. The prize? Possession of Kenny's boxers!

Part 4

Jon goes boxer shorts crazy, simultaneously jizzing both Kenny's and Rod's shorts. Kenny has to jack off in his khakis while the club (especially Rod) watches. It's all too hot for Rod, though. (with photos)

Part 5

Kenny's boxers become very popular at the club, but he's too busy playing matchmaker to notice. Thanks to Kenny, Jon and Rod have an intense experience together, while Kenny gets a girlfriend! (with photos)

Part 6

Michelle asked Kenny to the dance with the intention of embarrassing the poor boy by making him display his big, leaking cock bulge all night. Kenny's tight jeans didn't help matters. She took her teasing too far, though, testing every bit of Kenny's will power and self control!

Part 7

After his humiliating accident, Kenny wants to quit the club, but he gets roped into going to the meeting by Jon. Later, Rod and Jon visit Kenny's house for some interesting underwear play and a hot, through-the-boxers blow job! (with photos)

Part 8

Kenny runs into a sympathetic senior who used to be in the club. He gets pointers on cumming in class undetected, and finds out there's another club for the big boys!

Part 9

Kenny gets an invitation to join the other club. But the initiation is administered by a hot stripper with all the members taking part, and Kenny's got to cream his jeans the way they tell him to!

Part 10

A senior boy's challenge to Kenny's admission backfires, and he has to put on a humiliating show for some of the J.O.C.K. members.

Bob in the Levi's Bar

Straight professional Bob feels a resurgence of his adolescent fascination with Levi's. When he passes a Levi's bar one Sunday, the guys leaving the bar catch his attention and make his cock yearn for the insides of a pair of 501s!

Certified Sagger

Jake wants all the girls in school to know who the studs really are. The guys who show off a lot of their boxers have passed the test. On the flip side, eveyone can tell which guys creamed in their jeans.

The Hitchhiker

A cute blond skateboarder needs a ride out of a ritzy neighborhood. Little did Mr. Creamjeans know that this kid had his own pants-creaming fetish. A pure fantasy.

Gotta Hold It!

Four high school seniors get ahold of a porno video. A younger brother and his friend walk in, but that doesn't keep the Seniors from messing up their pants!

Tom's Mall Adventure

Inspired by the photos and narrative of tight-jeans lover Tom, Mr. Creamjeans took Tom's desire to go out in public in his tightest jeans and wrote a fictional story of how it would probably go. Mr. CJ also altered some of Tom's own photos to help illustrate the story. Juicy reading!

Magic Cream Dream

Jack's had a mystical dream about sex. The next morning, his cock and balls take over, ejaculating uncontrollably in his pants at home and school.


Phil and Mike go to Phil's house after school to see Phil's brother's porn collection. Brother Jim catches them in the act.
(Here's another story that's been widely posted, sometimes in altered versions. This is the name most commonly given for it, even though it was not my original title. But I promise you, this is the original story!)

Dan's Discovery

Dan finds out why his dick keeps getting hard. Later, his buddy joins in the fun.

The Tough Guy

Larry wants everyone to think he is one tough dude. He spots classmate Mike with a big cum stain and figures he has some leverage to get Mike to do what he wants. But as Mike finds out, when it comes to his dick, Larry is just as out-of-control as anybody.

The Wrestler

Rich's cock is almost always hard. But there's no way to hide his condition in wrestling tights. Teammate Johnny tries to help Rich with his problem, but ends up with cummy shorts himself.

Classroom Cummin'

Chris spots Robbie jacking off in class, and he can't help joining in.

Losin' It at the Beach

Here's a quick photo-fantasy about a guy who gets a little too turned on watching the bodies on the beach. (With photo)

The Executive

I wrote this one on a dare. The premise was a well-groomed executive in an expensive suit gets caught in some questionable business practices by a horny mail room boy, who uses the situation to completely humiliate his "superior."

Here are some true Mr. Creamjeans experiences

My first

This describes the first time I encountered even the idea of cumming inside my pants. It involves a horny classmate who was trying to get used to wearing boxers instead of his usual briefs.

Chip and Bob

When a couple of guys from the neighborhood came by to watch pornos, everybody ended up with wet pants! This story's got pictures and sound recordings of the actual participants!

At the Arcade

Getting off on playing pinball.

Jack's Problem

A straight buddy won't let me see his cock, but when he sees mine, he loses control.

A Day at the Beach

I used to walk around at the beach with a boner that wouldn't quit. This was one of the memorable times.

Rob's Hair Trigger

This guy was cumming in his jeans long before he met me. He liked it when I would talk him into getting his pants wet with cum.