Tom's Mall Adventure

It was decision time. Tom was on his back in bed. He wasn't resting, though. He had been struggling to pull up his impossibly tight Lee jeans over his muscular thighs. The rough denim caressed his legs every inch of the way, making every nerve ending tingle with delight. The decision before him was which way to position his throbbing hard-on when he finally closed his fly. There were basically two choices: down across the top of his right thigh, or almost straight up along his belly.

One of the factors Tom had to consider was how obvious his boner would be at the mall. Tom was determined to go out in public wearing his ultra-tight jeans. He knew the likely outcome -- even wearing these sexy jeans at home would cause an uncontrollable ejaculation inside his pants. The exquisite pressure and friction provided by the rough/soft fabric turned the entire lower half of his body into a tingling erogenous zone. Unable to take his mind off the flood of sensations, his brain would trigger his balls into releasing sperm into his jeans. Nevertheless, Tom was determined to be seen in public wearing his favorite pair of jeans.

So the other factor Tom had to consider was which cock position would cause the least stimulation when he walked. Going down his leg meant that each step would cause more pressure and friction against his trapped boner. But placing it straight up meant the sensitive underside of his cock would get all the attention. Tom finally decided on straight up. The bulge would be somewhat less obvious, and if he did come, he might be able to hide the stain with his T-shirt.

Gingerly, he took hold of the shaft and guided it underneath what would soon become its cloth prison. He then sucked in his breath and began working the fly closed. This was no easy task. Every seam in these jeans was straining as, inch by inch, he managed to get it done. And with the final effort of buttoning the top button, the deed was done.

Tom layed there for just a moment, enjoying the feeling of the fabric caressing his thighs. He felt his boner throbbing with anticipation, aching to break free of the tightly stretched cloth. But this didn't last long. He figured he better get going soon, otherwise his adventure would be over before it began! He stood up, grabbed his keys and wallet and headed out.

Before he got to the front door, he stopped at a mirror to take in the sight. There he was, in his favorite skin-tight jeans, with an unyielding boner pushing out the fly, about to go out in public! He turned around and admired how the jeans fit against his ass, how every ripple of muscle was clearly visible. In a way, it was almost like wearing nothing at all!

His cock jumped again, and Tom took that as his cue that he better get going. Once his car was out in traffic, concentrating on driving took some of the attention away from the erotic feelings in his groin. His cock never went soft, and Tom cursed the fact that his car had a stick shift, since every use of the clutch pedal caused the most delicious rubbing against his leg and crotch. But he made it to the mall without incident.

Now it was the moment of truth. He put his wallet in the glove box, since getting it into his jeans pocket was out of the question. He got out of the car and locked the door, and decided to carry his keys, since even the front pockets would be hard to navigate.

He suddenly remembered when he was in Junior High School, how he used to shove his hands in his jeans pockets and make fists whenever his cock would unexpectedly stiffen. This would somewhat hide the growing bulge from his teasing classmates. He smiled to himself when he realized that he simply didn't have that option now -- even if he could get his hands in his pockets, it wouldn't help. There was no way to hide his thick, throbbing boner in jeans that were this tight.

Tom was about to enter the mall. He was suddenly struck with the thought, 'What am I going to do in here?' He didn't even have his wallet, so he couldn't buy anything. He went in anyway. The first thing he saw was a group of teenaged guys hanging out near the entrance. They were all dressed alike in oversized T-shirts and baggy jeans and shorts. Their conversation stopped and they openly stared at Tom in his ultra-tight pants. Tom stared straight ahead, but his cock throbbed powerfully when he overheard their new topic of conversation.

"Check it out." "Woah, how does he walk in those?" "Dude! That guy is totally boned!" This last comment was made just as Tom passed the group, so the tremendous bulge in his crotch was visible in profile. Tom heard several of the guys snicker.

Not 20 feet into the mall, his skin tight jeans were already attracting attention. Just knowing that these guys were now staring at his denim-encased ass made Tom's cock throb with each step. But up ahead was something even more dangerous. A group of teenaged girls was walking toward him. One leaned over and whispered something to her friend, and her friend immediately stared at Tom's crotch. Soon, they were all sneaking glances at Tom's perfectly outlined genitalia.

Tom's balls drew up tight, aching to release their load. His cock jumped with each step as he tried desperately to exercise some self-control. The cum was swirling in his nut sac, and the constant stimulation of the denim against his thighs, ass, and crotch was tricking his nervous system into thinking it was time to ejaculate.

The girls walked by, and after they passed, Tom heard, "ohmiGAWD!" "Did you see that?" and "Did you believe those jeans?" He could feel their gaze on the back pockets of his jeans. It was like the energy of both the girls' and boys' stares were generating heat on his already hyper-stimulated ass cheeks. He knew he wouldn't be able to hold out much longer.

He made his way to a railing next to the escalator that overlooked the lower level of the mall. When he stopped walking, he breathed a sigh of relief -- at least the incredible sensations of moving denim-against-skin had stopped. Unfortunately, his cock had not quit its incessant throbbing. It wanted a climax, and it wanted it NOW. He spotted two stores on the lower level, a Radio Shack and a clothing store. He figured he could go into the Radio Shack and look at electronic gear -- that might take his mind off of "things" long enough to calm down a bit. Then he could go into the clothing store and check out their stock of jeans.


Thinking he had a good plan, he stepped onto the down escalator, still on the verge of an uncontrollable climax inside his pants. Two things got his attention almost immediately: One was that he was totally exposed -- there was nobody in front of him to shield his obvious condition from anyone in the mall. But the second was even more disturbing. A beautiful young woman had just stepped onto the up escalator. She had shiny blond hair, an angelic face and a great figure. And she was wearing the tightest designer jeans Tom had seen in a long time. Every curve was visible, and it even looked like the crotch seam had ridden up between her pussy lips!

While Tom gawked at this vision, his balls were sending messages of imminent release. He prayed he could make it to the Radio Shack before "it" happened.

The beautiful young woman looked up and scanned Tom from head to toe. Then her eyes returned to his bulging crotch. Her gaze was intense, and Tom was sure he could see her nipples hardening though her thin top right before his eyes. The woman licked her lips.

Tom felt a small squirt of semen escape from the tip of his overheated cock. It immediately soaked through, making a quarter-sized wet spot on the faded denim. Desperately trying to hold back, Tom winced in pain as the young woman's eyes flew open. They were just about to pass each other when she smiled, looked Tom in the eye, and spoke a line from a recent TV commercial, "Nice pants."

And with that, the escalators took the two strangers past each other. But the vision of the girl in the tight jeans, and knowing that she was as interested in his pants as he was in hers, and remembering her reaction when he began to ejaculate inside his jeans was just too much for poor Tom. With a powerful spurt, a huge mass of hot cream shot out, splattering against its tight cloth prison. This was followed closely by another, and another, and yet another massive ejaculation. Tom was uncontrollably cumming in his tight jeans, shooting more than he ever had before, still standing several feet above the ground on the slowly descending escalator, in full view of all the mall patrons.

Desperately trying to maintain some semblance of composure, Tom managed to remain upright while his balls pumped and pumped and pumped, filling his jeans with hot, slippery jizz. At the foot of the escalator, Tom stumbled slightly as he was called upon to walk despite his continuing orgasm. He could feel hot cum running though the hair around his cock and collecting around his balls.

Once he was clear of the escalator, he glanced down at his crotch. He was a complete mess. There was the obvious lump of his still-rigid cock. At the tip of the bulge was a large, shiny, whitish blob of liquid, which began rolling down to the right of the bulge as he watched. The blue denim was shiny-wet and dark around his cock bulge, curiously spreading to either side, but absent along the ridge. It was as if the great pressure of his thick hard-on against his jeans crotch was keeping the moisture from getting into the fabric there. But below the bulge, where a large quantity of semen had collected around his balls, another wet spot started, this one spreading wildly across his crotch and the tops of his thighs. Amazingly, his cock was still releasing cum, although the flow was quickly subsiding.

Suddenly, Tom was struck by where he was – standing in a shopping mall, with the eyes of all the shoppers glued to his impossibly tight jeans, which were soaked with the results of his uncontrollable spontaneous orgasm. Quickly, he turned and went back up the escalator, pulling his T-shirt out of his pants in an attempt to cover the spot. It would only reach as far as the very top of the stain, and the bottom of the T-shirt was already spotted with cum. It got even darker as it absorbed the cum that was on the outside of his jeans.

His heart was racing and his cock hadn’t softened one bit as he made his way toward the door. The teenaged boys were still there. He heard one say, "Holy shit!" which was followed closely by "Du-u-u-de" and "He fuckin' creamed his jeans!" Despite what he thought was a ball-emptying orgasm, his prick once again throbbed and released a small blob of semen into his already soaked pants, while the boys laughed at his predicament.

Now in the parking lot, Tom’s breathing began to return to normal while he cursed the fact that he had parked so far away. But as he walked to his car, the beautiful young woman in the tight jeans drove up the aisle toward him. As she passed him, her gaze switching back and forth between Tom’s face and his massively cum-stained jeans, she smiled. And just when she pulled alongside, Tom thought he saw one of her hands slip down into her lap. He thought briefly about trying to write down her license number, but realized that it wouldn’t do him any good.

Once in his car, he realized what he’d just gotten away with. He’d worn his tightest jeans in public, had a huge orgasm in them after an encounter with a sexy gal in tight jeans, and the whole time everyone was looking at his crotch and ass! As he pulled his car out of the parking lot, he once again cursed his stick shift, but this time because it was keeping him from rubbing the wet, slimy bulge in his jeans. He couldn’t help jacking off as he thought about his adventure. On the highway, he began rubbing his jeans with abandon, even when a young guy in a tall van pulled alongside. When Tom saw him peering into his car with an astonished look on his face, Tom’s second orgasm overtook him and he shouted in ecstasy as his balls pumped still more cum into his favorite tight jeans.

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