Here are some hot guys telling you how they creamed their pants!

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Carlos - This cool Latino guy tells you about his last date, his big dick, his boxers and khakis, and the big cummy mess he couldn't help making in his pants!

Chuck - Chuck was really turned on when his buddy, Jim, creamed his pants while they were out on a double date. Afterwards, the more Jim talked about it, the more turned on Chuck became until he had to let go, too!

Zack 1 - Zack's an 18 year old, bisexual guy from New York who has a real hair trigger. In this segment, he tells about cumming in his pants when he watches pornos with his buddies.

Zack 2 - Here's more from Zack. He talks about cumming in school, at the pool, on a date, and at a strip club. This boy must do a lot of laundry!

Amber - Amber sees Dave at the beach wearing board shorts with his boxers showing over the top. She decides to tease him until he loses control under her skillful hands and nasty talk! NEW!


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