Here's a series of galleries of hot photos I've found on the Internet. There's sure to be something to make you cream your jeans!

NEW! "Best of the Forum" Galleries
Forum Pants 1
Forum Pants 2
Forum Undies 1

Forum Undies 2
Forum Gear 1
Forum Gear 2

These pics were all contributed by visitors to the Message Forum. Six pages of juicy wet spots!
Bulge Buddies

Buddies 1
Buddies 2
Buddies 3

These guys are doing eveything they can to make their buddies cream their gear!
Boxer Dudes

Boxers 1
Boxers 2
Boxers 3
Boxers 4
Boxers 5

Hot guys in their boxer shorts. Galleries 1-3 are traditional, full cut boxers. 4 & 5 have knit boxers, boxer briefs, and an assortment of great bulges!
Briefs Guys

Briefs 1
Briefs 2
Briefs 3

Tight underwear that shows every bulge.
Cumming on their clothes
Clothes Cum 1
Clothes Cum 2
These guys squirt their messy sperm wherever it wants to land. Shirts, pants, shorts -- they all get jizzed!
Guys in Jeans
Jeans 1
Jeans 2
Jeans 3
Jeans 4
Jeans 5
Twinks and studs in hot denim. Galleries 1-3 are full body shots, 4 & 5 show nothing but incredible bulges!
Jocks in Jocks
Jocks 1
Jocks 2
Jocks 3
Jocks 4
Pouches stretched to bursting, unruly boners poking out in all directions. Hot!
Jacking it inside gear
Pants J/O 1
Pants J/O 2
Pants J/O 3
Pants J/O 4
Pants J/O 5
Rubbing with intent to cause a wet spot.
Hot Shorts
Shorts 1
Shorts 2
Shorts 3
These small shorts can barely contain their bulging contents.
Underwear Show-offs
Show-Offs 1
Show-Offs 2
Show-Offs 3
Guys who enjoy letting everyone see their undies.
Spandex Studs

Spandex 1
Spandex 2

Stretchy material straining to hold stiff cocks.
Hard Guys in Speedos
Speedos 1
Speedos 2
Speedos 3
Skimpy swimsuits stretched to their limits (and beyond).
Sweats & Sport Pants
Sweats Guys getting hard in soft fleece and slippery nylon.

T-Shirts 1
T-Shirts 2

Cool guys in hot T-shirts.

Wrestlers 1
Wrestlers 2

Muscled studs in tight, stretchy, bulging singlets
World Wide Wet Spots
WWWet Spots 1 (boxers)
WWWet Spots 2 (briefs)
WWWet Spots 3 (jeans)
WWWet Spots 4 (jeans)
WWWet Spots 5 (shorts)
WWWet Spots 6 (shorts)
Guys who've posted their cum stain pictures on the web.
Fantasy Enhancements Ever see a pic on the web and say, "Gee, it'd be great if he..." ? You may have seen these pics before, but without Mr. Creamjeans' special enhancements. (I love Photoshop!)