Straight WWWet Spot Stories

Straight guys cum in their pants, too! Here are several M/F stories, each guaranteed to contain at least one juicy pair of pants and/or shorts.

Airport Flasher - A horny and slightly drunk gal lets her husband watch while she shamelessly exposes herself to a guy in the airport.

The Juvenile Casting Couch - A teen boy plays a seduction scene in a movie, but his balls don't know it's just acting.

Mind Control - Kevin seeks out a female hypnotist who causes him to lose control.

Dawn - Don's twin sister comes on to him and makes him lose his load.

Playing Doctor - A medical assistant plays doctor, examining a cute chick until he can't hold back any longer.

Out of Control - Krista takes revenge on Fred, who hypnotized her for sex, by making him masturbate in his pants in a crowded cafeteria.

Feet Are Neat - A student gets a job selling shoes. But looking up skirts and playing with women's feet turns out to be too much for him to handle!

First Love - A young guy learns about sex, but not before he coats his shorts and pants with boy-jizz.

Hard Core - Bridgette makes James play her brand of sex game, but not until she makes him cream in his pants.

High Heel Tease 1
High Heel Tease 2 - These are very unusual stories by Philip. He's into high heels, obviously, but also orgasm denial. The girls in his stories keep him on the edge of orgasm for a seeming eternity, all the while he's dribbling pre-cum and semen into his tight white pants. While Philip never does climax in these stories, his female tormentor describes some delicious in-the-pants orgasms in story #2.

Lana's Adventures - Lana shows off in a bar and dirty movie theater, but itís the service station attendant who ends up with more than oil stains on his pants.

Daylight Dreaming - After an afternoon following a gorgeous babe, this guy ends up in the ladies' room dry humping his fantasy.

Military Punishment Party - An unusual Christmas party where girls dress in skimpy panties and the guys have to keep their pants on while the girls tease them relentlessly. (Not complete, but has the good stuff)

Rest Room Reaction - A guy sneaks into the ladies' room to watch a woman masturbate. Another woman catches him and jacks him off through his pants!

Shopping with Yolanda - Yolanda is an accomplished tease. Going shopping with her is torture for this guy, a torture that ends with cum filled trousers.

Slut Wife - A cuckold has to watch his hot wife getting laid by their limo driver, after which she humiliates her husband further by making him shoot in his shorts for all to see.

Hot Smoke and Sassafras - This one is a must read. This guy's a smoking fetishist, and his new wife loves to tease him and make him cream his pants again and again!

Cathy and Christy's Striptease Adventure - Two girlfriends visit a strip joint and are amazed to see a guy get a blowjob - right through his pants!

The Date - Jen has a surprise destination for her date with Richard - a strip club where she forces Richard to endure a lap dance.

Shayne - This is actually some girl's diary entries regarding her then-boyfriend, Shayne. Apparently, Shayne just cums in his pants every time they make out. What's even more amazing is that this girl posted a picture of Shayne to go with her description - and he's really cute.