Self-inflicted WWWet Spots

Here are stories from guys who are into jacking themselves off inside their pants and shorts, as well as miscellaneous masturbation material.

Pool Shoot - Adam Nolan's account of his speedo fetish. Hot reading!

Pool Time - This guy shoots in his shorts while eyeing a poolside hunk.

Realtime Solo Orgy - Here's a wild bit of stream-of-consciousness masturbation. Interestingly, the author weaves bits and pieces of Mr. Creamjeans' original stories in the narrative. See if you can spot them!

Summer School - Hot classroom masturbation with voyeurism and wet briefs and sweats.

My Inches Part 2 - An almost bizarre tale of a cute, young, thin school boy with massive equipment that hypnotizes all who see it. The mere sight of this boy's equipment causes classmates and grown men to start masturbating in their pants. No actual clothed orgasms, but still hot reading.

Mental Masturbation - A kind of dispassionate discussion of this guy's ability to cum without touching himself.