Gay WWWet Spot Stories

Here's a selection of guy-guy stories I've picked up from the World Wide Web. They all contain at least one hot gear-creaming scene.

31 Flavors - Written by an acquaintance of mine, a nice (and horny) fellow named Doug, this story is a classic. It's about Jon and Bill, co-workers in an ice cream store, who discover their mutual interest in cumming in their gear!

7th Grade - Written by Ronnie Wernick, a prolific and talented guy. A young guy jacks off in his pants in class and is caught by one of his classmates!

Air Ryan - A couple of young lovers have fun with jizzed briefs and a digital camera.

School Assembly - An English boy's school is the setting for some surreptitious fun in a crowded assembly hall.

Boxer Excitement - Jeff and Mike are teammates on the swim team. Jeff's fascination with Mike's boxers leads to some hot shorts-creaming fun!

Story of Chet - Brian had been living in the shadow of Chet, his older brother. He decided to bring the arrogant Chet down a few notches by using a hypnotic drug. A story of sexual control and humiliation, not for everyone.

Climbing the Ladder - Another control story, this time using real hypnosis. Subjugation of a business executive results in involuntary jeans creaming!

Date with Taylor - A young English fan of the Hansons ends up creaming his shorts with the cute Taylor Hanson! MMM-Bop!

Doug - A football player discovers the hunky straight running back Doug is up for some hot briefs action.

Involuntary Orgasm - A very unusual story about young Brits becoming sexual objects for a blue-collar shop crew.

Gear Boys - Briefer's hot tale about best friends Tommy and Steve as they discover they're "queer" for each other's briefs and jeans!

Hot Briefs Sex - Billy walks in on his friend Tod just in time to see Tod spewing his load in his briefs. Needless to say, Billy joins in the fun! Another great story from Briefer.

Young Jocks In Heat - Chris and Brad are into sweaty, raunchy jockstrap wrestling fun!

John's Trilogy Part I - John is fascinated with Phil, who makes his sexual dreams come true (in his pants) while riding on the school bus.

KOA - Jeff meets Mark at a campground and falls in love, jizzing his speedos and shorts in the process.

Latin Class - The author tempts classmate Jake with some hot movies.

Rock Hard - The frustrations of a young man surrounded by horny antics in an all-male college.

On The Bus - A crowded bus sets the stage for some hot frottage and juicy wet spots.

Smokin' at Phil's - This teen guy has lots of horny fun tormenting his geek buddy, Phil, with his hot body and obscene bulge. "Must reading" for you jockstrap fans!

Poolside Brief Boys - Horny teens frolicking in the pool wearing just their undies leads to lots of juiced shorts! By Briefer.

Tommy the Quarterback - Doug finds himself alone with the school's quarterback in the photo lab's darkroom. Mmm.

Raunch - Underwear night at the gay bar sets the scene for some pretty raunchy gear sex.

Tuna of the Sea - Sailors helping each other out during a long sea voyage.

Shoot! Shoot! - A soccer player finds a cute guy on the opposing team who shares his soccer kit fetish.

Soccer Fun - Justin gets massaged by the slightly older Mr. Wetherall, right through his nylon briefs.

Sports Shop Teen Orgy - If you're into sports gear, then what could be more fun than shooting a porno movie with hot young guys using a sporting goods store as a set?

Starched Whites - Adam Nolan offers this multi-part story of his own fetish for creaming his underwear and how some of his classmates got into the action, too.

Tutoring Billy - A college guys gets a job tutoring Billy, a problem kid with hormones and horniness to spare.

Str8 UPS Stud - Nick, the hot UPS delivery man, gets seduced - but won't let the action get past his briefs.

Wanking Project Buddies - Co-workers Jack and Derek find out they both like "wanking" in nylon warm-up pants.

I Wanna Jack You Off - A college guy visits a clothing store, only to find a hunky upperclassman who helps him out in more ways than one!

School Days and "Y"-fronts - A boy's fascination with colored Y-front briefs leads to a couple of nice wet spots.