Gay Confessions

Posted by Jason on July 26, 1999 at 10:58:05:

Scotty: my story fits well on this message board! I was 16 and a Sophomore in HS. I had last period PE and got into the habit of hanging around in the shower room late, I always showered in my dark blue gym shorts. Pretty soon there was a Senior doing the same. We hang out until all the other guys had left.

For a few weeks not much happened. Then one day it sure looked like he had slipped his balls and cock out of the jockstrap, making quite a tent in his gym shorts. Next day, I took my gym shorts off and showered in my white string bikinis which nobody had ever seen before! So he dropped his shorts and showered in his jockstrap. In no time we both were rock hard. He came over to the shower head next to me, which made me almost cum. Then he put his hand on the front of my bikinis. He probably stroked me less than 10 seconds and I exploded full force. His comment was "woah that was fast..." and he proceeded slipping his cock out one leg and it took him a full five minutes to make him cum.

Needless to say: this was not the last time. But almost always did we wear underwear or jockstraps or were freeballing in the gym shorts.

This was ten years ago. And I still get hard thinking about this guy...

Posted by Thanks, guys, you made us do it on January 21, 1999 at 12:41:31:

I stayed over at my buddy's house last weekend. It was the first time we were there alone cause his parents were away for the weekend. Saturday afternoon he mentioned that he saw some other guy in school, we are both in 10th grade, 16 years old, with a total boner. I then asked him, John, if he ever got one seeing stuff on the internet and he said sure. I told him about this Top Drawer page and he said let's look at it now. We turned on his computer and of course in seconds we both got boners. There was totally no way we could hide it. I guess we both knew that would happen, but once we admitted it, it was sort of like the dam bursting, we then felt we could talk about it.

So we then clicked on the Lost It picture below and we said that we had both gone to the beach in exactly that kind of tight cutoffs and boxers. John asks we what kind of underwear I was wearing right now, and I knew we were in trouble but I wanted it. So I said I will show you my boxerbriefs if you take off your jeans too. We did, he was in plain white CK briefs. We both had major boners.

We read other posts here and clicked on other pics and every now and then would rub our boners thru the briefs. Finally John said he had to shoot and we just sat there in front of the computer and rubbed ourselves until we shot into our briefs. It felt weird I never did that with a guy but we were so excited and we knew we would do more.

We decided it would be hot just to put our jeans back on over our briefs with the wet cum in them and anyway I didn't have another pair of jeans to wear.

Later that night after we kept talking about how we came in our briefs and kept looking at more internet sites and our own jeans, we knew we had to wank off again.

When we read about humping in jeans, we both said we had been fantasizing about it forever and in less than a minute John and I had pushed each other into a corner and we were grinding our jeans crotches. Of course we spewed cum into our briefs and our jeans. It looked totally awesome. Then in the morning we put on the same briefs and jeans (which weren't totally dry) and did it again right after reading some of these messages and on other sites.

so thanks, we are now totally into creaming our briefs and jeans!!!!!!!!!

Posted by Robby on January 23, 1999 at 21:18:21:

Yesterday John and I were in our underwear in the morning as I spent the night at his house. We both woke up with boners and joked about it. Then before we put on our jeans we started to jackoff and decided to see who could cum first. John started humping my crotch and the instant his cum started shooting into my briefs I came too. Both our briefs were soaked. We were still so horny we decided to put on our jeans and not change underwear.

By the time we got to the mall, our jeans crotches were damp because it started to soak through, but you couldn't really tell. We saw a girl in our class (10th grade) and she couldn't take her eyes off my jeans crotch. This got me so horny that I started rubbing myself against the ledge in a bookstore and John did the same and we both just exploded into our briefs and jeans again. But this time it quickly made a big wet cumspot. I tried to cover it up with my shirt tail but it too was pretty wet with cum. So we just walked thru the mall quickly to see if anyone noticed. A bunch of people looked at us but no one said anything. Did you guys ever do anything like this??

Fucking our Jeans Again

arnie_19 (18/M) Apr 2 1999 11:34PM EST

Since it's spring break and I'm a senior and already accepted into college, I've just been goofing off. So Paul and I decided we were just going to have a two-day jeans orgy since we had such a good time a few weeks ago (my story of March 14).

I deliberately didn't cum for like a week, just saving it up. I showed up at Paul's in my skintight faded Levis with nothing on underneath and we immediately joked that no matter what we'd just keep our jeans on. Paul was in his usual ultraskintight faded beige Levi cords and he has a really large cock, like some kind of porno star, it must be 9" hard. While we were talking at one point Paul is standing next to the sofa in his parent's living room and his sister and her girlfriend (they're 16) are in the sofa, their heads at crotch-level and they can't take their eyes off of his jeans. There was nothing left to the imagination from their point of view. Paul just kept talking to me and them, getting harder. This even got me hard. We went back to his room and I asked him if he knew the girls could see his shape. Of course he said, with a grin.

He saw that I was hard and asked if I was horny. I said I was and we did our usual thing of daring the other to jackoff in front of ourselves, with me finally giving in and rubbing my jeans crotch until I exploded in the jeans. Then Paul started rubbing and I thought his cords were just going to rip open. His throbbing cock just shot out a massive amount of cum into his cords, with much sticky cum oozing out. We lay back on the bed, reminding ourselves of our promise/dare not to take off our jeans and clean up. So after 10 minutes he says we are going downstairs and he leads the way. Of course the girls are in the kitchen and Paul walks in. Maybe a wet spot on blue jeans isn't that visible, but one on beige cords sure is. I stood just at the edge of the doorway, my shirttail largely covering my cum spot, but Paul is right in there, getting sodas, acting as if the girls couldn't see his semi-hard cock and huge cum spot in the cords -- all down the right thigh and crotch. I involuntarily squirted more cum in my jeans. Paul and I went back upstairs and I told him I didn't know whether he was a weirdo or just fuckin oversexed.

I will tell you about the next day in another message.

Re: Did it in school today

whiteheat80 (18/M/Massachusetts) May 19 1999 4:03PM EDT

Get this,

I remember changing for gym in the locker room at school the day my best friend was wearing these tight levi cords...during gym, while taking a break i went back into the locker room and put on his tight cords just because I did not have any at the time but had a huge fetish for jeans and cords. I zipped 'em up and my friend came in and I was totally caught off guard to have him walk in and did not know what to say. He was just laughing and smiling and I felt like such an idiot standing there in his cords.

He then grabbed my jeans and when i told him to give them back, he proceeded to take off his shorts (and underwear!) and put them on. Since I am slightly shorter than him, my Old Navy jeans were REALLY tight on him. I was a little grossed out to have him wearing my jeans w/o any underwear and told him the joke was over and we'd just change our pants back and we would not tell anyone...

Of course, one thing he noticed (that I did not) was that we both were showing bulges in our crotches and we just laughed because it was so strange. He got a little nervous and mentioned that the only reason he is hard is because his girlfriend was on his mind and he wanted to do her real bad. He kept talking about it and started rubbing his cock and I was telling him NOT to cum in my jeans or else I would tell everyone (I was really getting nervous). To make a long story short, since we were both hard we talked about it and went into the supply room and locked the door, me still wearing his cords and him wearing my tight jeans. We were so horny that I even showed more enthusiasm than him and had him lie on his stomach while I rubbed my cord cock on his ass. I got off in his cords and he got off in my jeans. It was SUCH a mess in our pants (him especially since he did not have on any underwear). We switched our pants back, I put on the jeans with his wet stain and he put on his cords with my stain.

Re: First time post

tk27530 (M/NC) 11/17/1999 03:23 pm EST

I went to Catholic school (all boys). When I was 15, I had a big crush on a classmate. He was captain of the rugby team. The class stood for prayers at the beginning of each class period. I always managed to stand behind Bill so I could admire his bubble butt in his 501's. Even at that time I was turned on by faded 501's When he flexed his ass, it would have made me cum except that I had never before cum. I also wore faded 501's. At the beginning of spring term, we ended up sitting next to each other for Religious Studies. Bill said to me "Why don't you sit here...pointing to the seat next to him. He didn't have to ask twice!! Our school had double desks...we sat on the same bench seat with the top of the desk over both our lower bodies. A lot of "playful" grabbing at each others crotches used to go on with the guys. At the beginning of the first class, I grabbed at Bill's crotch...the worn denim felt incredible. I expected that he would tell me to stop. Instead he said, "Take it easy and you can have it". I couldn't believe my luck....he was giving me permission to savor the feel of his hot body in his 501's. He tried to grope me too but I wouldn't let him. I didn't know anything about sex and was afraid that he would know how turned-on I was. Remember, I didn't know anything about cumming. All I knew was that guys in jeans made me cock hard. For a couple of weeks, Bill tried every day and, every day, I pushed his hand away. He was still letting me grope him. Then, one day, when he reached over to grope me and, with my right hand, I tried to push his hand away he took my right hand with his left and moved it to his right hand. Then, he moved his right hand along my thigh and over onto my rock-hard crotch. At that moment I was lost as his hand was doing incredible things to my cock and balls. Stars flashed before my eyes as I shot my first load into my pants. For the rest of that day I couldn't see straight. Needless to say, from then on, Religious studies was my favorite class.

Subject: First time bj

I was in college, and it being a very religious school, I was still a virgin. I was completely hetero at the time. I had hitchhiked back to school a distance of 8 hours and had finished my first ride, and was waiting for another one right at the entrance of the NYS Thruway in Suffern, NY. It was around 2 AM and I was tired and really anxious to get home. I finally was picked up by a trucker driving a semi. He seemed to be nice and harmless and we talked about what it was like in college, etc. At the second rest area we passed, he stopped the truck, indicating that there was a gauge problem he had to look into. After checking under the hood, he came around to the passenger side and started fiddling under the dashboard. He propped himself up using my leg and continued fiddling under the dash. Since I was totally inexperienced in sex (other than j/o), the contact of another man's weight on my thigh felt tingly. I started to get a hardon. He sensed and saw this, and changed his hand's position on my thigh to be closer to my basket. By this time my cock was really straining, and finally I couldn't stand it any more. I lost control and started coming in my pants. He felt the cock pumping under my jeans, and then took control. He closed the truck door, and facing me, opened up my zipper, loosened my belt and went in for a meal. He lapped up the come like I couldn't believe, and then went to work on my soft cock. I couldn't believe what was happening to me. I felt like I was in a trance.

He started pumping on my cock, and I couldn't believe that I was getting hard again. He licked, and sucked, and sucked until it was time to come again. This time he had a grip on my cock that I couldn't believe and I came and came in his mouth and throat. I had to stop him because it felt so good it hurt. He took one more trip around my pubes, cleaned off any stray come from my balls and my underwear, and then went back to his drivers seat and took off. We reached school in about 2 hours, and I slept most of the way. I'll never forget this guy's smile, his red hair and the fact that he could have been just anybody's father or uncle. I learned then that gay's were just like everyone else.

High Flying Fun
by Fraser

July 25

Last week I was on a business trip to Germany - I was not looking forward to the long trip as it was Saturday and a 7 hour plane ride next can be quite awful. This trip however was far from it.

I was feeling a bit horny as it ad been some time since I had last had sex - and due to work, not even enough time to have some serious jacking time. When I was packing, I packed some fun toys, a cockring and ballsplitter which I got while in New Orleans (It brings back memories of a fun week). I thought about going through customs and what would they think, maybe I'll pack them right on top, hmmm. I also put on a pair of skintight jeans, one of my more worn pair, and this pair had a few loads of cum on the front. Just pulling this pair on over my already hard cock brought a bit of precum. I had a small wet spot about 1/2" or so. Well, off to Chicago Ohare airport where I would catch a flight to Frankfurt. On the ride over to the airport I started thinking that these skintight jeans were going to get pretty uncomfortable after a few hours on the plane. Well, at least I could loosen a button or two and get some more room, but for now I was just enjoying the tight fit. As I drove, my hand kept messaging my cock through the denim - no underwear and I am clean shaved so the feeling was intense. I was having to keep control as I would not want to end up walking through the airport with a large and visible wet spot. As I got closer to the airport traffic was at a standstill and I started massaging my rock hard cock a bit more. I no longer could control myself and shot a load in the jeans, creating a 3 or 4" cum soaked spot on the front of the jeans. My cock was pointing up so the button fly oozed some cum out. Now, I thought, what could I do. I got to the airport and parked the car. I had a carry on bag which I carried in front of me while walking to check my larger bag. When I got to the baggage check the guy behind the counter must have noticed my skintight jeans and cum spot as he asked if I was comfortable for a long flight in the jeans, which he said looked fantastic. My cock started to harden again. I thanked him and walked through security and on to my gate. When I got to my gate The boarding area was quite full. I sat down next to a good looking guy, who smiled at me. We started talking first about jobs and the typical stuff. I noticed that he kept staring at my tight cum-stained jeans and hardened cock. Initially I was not sure what he was thinking, but then again he kept up the conversation. He asked me what seat I had and said that his was about 10 rows back. I suggested that he see if 16a was open next to mine. He asked and came back with 16b. I could see this flight was not going to be too bad after all. A few minutes later he excused himself and took a carry-on bag to the washroom. A few minutes later he returned - wearing the most outrageously tight low-rise jeans I have seen - even more that some of my "fuck jeans" that I wear (but never to an airport). This was going to be a fun trip. I noticed to that he had a cum stain started, just a small one, but one nonetheless.

We got back to talking about where we were staying and he was going on from Frankfurt, so this would be a short time. We did exchange phone numbers however, but he was from Indianapolis.

Shortly we boarded, and I am sure we got some stares - 2 good looking 30'ish guys, great builds in skintight jeans, and took our seats. We found the complimentary pillows and blankets in the seats - as it was a evening flight - 6:00pm.

We took off, and as the plane was cold we threw the blankets over ourselves. In a short time the cabin attendant brought refreshments - we both ordered 2 bottles of white wine which we drank quickly (it was not a wine to be enjoyed - just PLANE WINE).

As I was relaxing feeling the slight buzz of the wine taking effect, I felt his hand start to caress and massage my cock through my jeans. I started to do the same to him. He we were, sitting in a 747 jacking each other off. Shortly I came in the jeans and he did too. Both of us were soaked.

We each unbuttoned each others jeans and jacked some more. We both did get some rest believe it or not - last hour of the flight we were both exhausted.

We arrived right on time in Frankfurt and carefully buttoned up our jeans, the best we could, we both still were damp with cum when we got off the plane and went through immigration, were we parted and said we would keep in touch.

I went off to catch my train to Stutgart - still wearing my cum loaded jeans, which I would save for the return flight.

I hope again to find a flying companion in Chicago. Write me about your high flying adventures.

By D. Katz

I went to the bank, it was Friday and payday, so it was full and crowded. I stood in a queue to a window where there was a cashier I liked. He looked like Tom Selleck but young, about 25 - 30 years old. I was there, waiting and admiring the handsome cashier, when I felt something pushing against my bottom. I guessed it was a child playing around, or a lady carrying a lot of shopping bags and one of them poked at me. I turn and found no lady, but a gorgeous guy, about 6'2", muscular, blonde, blue eyes, and wearing a pair of faded blue jeans, very very tight. I looked down and could clearly see the outline of a thick and hard cock. That was what pushed against me! Welcome, I thought and turned again towards the front of the queue. There were 4 parallel lines, and all came together so we were packed in a narrow corridor. The guy behind me started rubbing his pelvis against my buttocks. I carefully put my hand behind me and touched his cock through the fabric. It throbbed and pushed constantly, and I started rubbing it with a finger, following the shape of the head, rubbing around the base of the head, along the shaft, and every time it grew more. Suddenly, I felt the fabric became wet and sticky and knew he had come

I advanced a step in the queue and the man behind me did likewise, then he stretched his right arm and passed his hand to my crotch, He started tugging and rubbing, and then started pulling my zipper down. He introduced two fingers into my open fly and started caressing me and masturbating me. I was so hot, I hope I wasn't blushing, and looked around to check nobody was watching us. Then, I came in my pants (fortunately I was wearing black trousers) and I saw his hand coming out of my fly and could notice some of my cum on his fingers. I zipped up and turned around and this handsome guy was licking his fingers and smiling, looking like a cat that just ate a mouse. My knees felt weak and my head was spinning around but I didn't faint.

I took another step and looked at the cashier smiling at me and then I knew he had seen everything. I turned around and the man was gone. When my turn in the queue came I gave my money and deposit slip to the handsome cashier - his name tag said his name was Carl - and he stamped the slip, counted the money and when he gave me the receipt he said in a low but distinct voice: "I am off at 5:30 PM, see you at the employees' door".

It was early, I went back to work; took a shower and changed clothes in the locker room before 5:00 PM, and I went back to the bank at 5:30. Carl was there, punctual and smiling; he had taken out his jacket and his tie and was wearing a short sleeve white shirt and his suit trousers. He told me that his car was in the parking lot opposite the bank and we walked there. We got into his car - a silver Isuzu trooper - and he rubbed my thighs with his right hand while he drove the car. He caressed my crotch and smiled.

We arrived to his house, a very nice house with a well cared front yard. Inside, the house was neat and clean. He closed the door behind us and drop to his knees and at the same time pulled down my trousers and my Y-fronts together. He went straight to my hard 8 1/2" cock and started licking it expertly. He sucked with enthusiasm and knew many ways of giving head that I hadn't done or been done before. He sucked my balls and cock and I came into his mouth. I could feel the back of his throat when I was coming but he took it all, didn't gag and didn't let escape any semen. He swallowed everything and kissed my hairy legs and belly

I told him I was hot for him since long and he said he was too. He saw the guy who masturbated him and when he saw him licking his fingers he felt envy and wished he was doing it. I stripped him of his clothes. He was really gorgeous, tall 6'3", with a muscular but slim built, hairy but smooth, and all his muscles were hard, especially his 9" cock. I immediately got hold of it, and stroke it and licked and sucked like mad. He enjoyed it and started moving his hips back and forth, fucking my mouth and, at the same time, caressed my hair and my face and shoulders. He pulled me up and I stood up and then he turned me around and fingered my ass with some lubricant he took from the mantelpiece. He inserted his cock and gave me the fuck of my life; he turned me on my back, put my legs on his shoulders and fucked me facing me and licking my chest, navel and tip of my cock. He came inside me and I have never felt so much sperm in my life; it was warm and sticky but smooth. He took out his cock and he was still coming, it spilled on my belly and chest and then he licked me clean.

We became lovers and enjoyed every day after work. This lasted 2 years, I had to move to other city because of my work, we kept writing each other and met for vacations until he got married to a girl and I didn't hear from him anymore.

I have stood in queues at banks, movies, bus stops, and no one else touched me, but I sure hope it happens again.

Subject: Masturbating with friend's cum

I'm a bi male, and over a period of several years, I spent a lot of time with a particular straight male friend. On rare occasions, we talked a little about masturbation. Mark admitted that he masturbated several times a day, and that he sometimes masturbated while driving. Whenever I asked him how he masturbated, he always refused to give me *any* details. A couple of times, when he was somewhat relaxed after having a few beers, I asked him to let me watch him masturbate, to which he replied, "Never, under *any* circumstances, would he let me watch him masturbate." He made it clear that that would *never* happen. There was something about this guy which really fascinated me. Besides his admission of frequent masturbation, he was usually involved in a hot sexual relationship with one woman or another. He exuded a sexual aura.

To be honest, being around Mark was sexually exciting for me. He would tell me enough that I would know that he was involved in constant sexual activity, but he would never give me details. Because of our work, and activities, we often slept in the same house, or building, and we sometimes traveled together. We were (are) good, compatible, friends. Just being near him often gives me a hard-on.

I always wanted to know a little more about his sex-life. Well, I finally realized that if he was doing so much "shooting", and we were together so much, that he must be doing some of it within feet of me, literally. Well, that made me *really* horny. I figured that there must be evidence of his activities around, somewhere. After a investigation, I began to discover used, wadded, tissues, napkins, and paper towels, in the funniest locations. I was reluctant to be nosey, but I was so _curious_ and *horny* that I furtively began to inspect these suspicious discarded items. I quickly discovered that they contained a dried substance like egg-white, and an occasional pubic hair. Finally, I realized that my friend was masturbating "everywhere" right under my nose.

I kept wondering how he did it, and when and where, and the unsolved sexual mystery made me J/O, more and more, especially, when I was around him. Soon, I found myself masturbating while talking on the phone with him. I often lubed up before dialing his number, and stroked gently, throughout the conversation, waiting until we hung up to blow my wad. One time, things got out of control, and I shot _while_ I was talking to him. He noticed something was odd, and asked me what I was doing. I said, "Nothing, why?" With a somewhat amused, and suspicious tone, he asked me directly, "Are you masturbating?" I was sitting there, still breathing deeply, with come all over the place, and trying to wipe my sticky hands. I was truly shocked by his boldness, to directly ask such a question. It was so... so... sexual and intimate. I did not answer him but asked, jokingly, "What kind of a person do you think I am? (laughing)" We changed the subject, but I think he knew he was on to something.

Not long after that, we got up early to take a drive over to his house, each driving in our separate cars. We stopped at the beginning of the 40 mile trip, to get pastries. They were served with napkins of a hard, dense, texture. As we drove along, over country roads, I had my fly open and was stroking my cock, leisurely, as I drove, using saliva, and the dried lubricant from my last jack-off. I wondered whether he was masturbating, too. When we got to his place, he suggested that we go "out" for breakfast, in his car. He grabbed some things from his car to take into the house. As he walked into the house, I opened the right door to get into his car, and the wadded napkin from the pastry shop fell onto the ground. When I picked it up, I realized it was sopping wet. When I opened it, I saw a pubic hair, and a big gob of very fresh cum, which had not yet soaked into the napkin. And, mmmm...., what a nice, masculine scent it had.

He was just coming out of the house, when I dashed by him, going in, saying I had to use the bathroom. When I got there, I realized, thankfully that he had given me a lot of cum. A nice load. I put a little of it on my tongue, and tasted it. I was careful not to swallow it, but to savor it slowly. I excitedly dropped my pants, and my hard cock jumped free. Fortunately, I had not let myself "shoot" in the car. I rubbed Mark's cum on my hard cock and balls. The manly fragrance of it was just dizzying. I loved having my friend's secret stuff on my hard cock, and stroked it a little. I looked out of the bathroom window, from the second floor to see Mark waiting by the car. I took off my shirt, and rubbed the moist napkin under my arms, and then on my face. Mmmm... I pulled myself together, glad that I wasn't wearing underwear, which would soak up the cum. I dashed down to the car, feeling Mark's cum lubricating my cock, where it was against my thigh, and the sides of my ball-sack, against my thighs.

As I sat in the car, I realized I was reeking with Mark's cum. In a couple of minutes, we were seated opposite each other in the booth in the restaurant. I quickly found that if I moved my leg back-and-forth a little, my cum lubed cock would get the slipping motion it needed. My precum was adding to the juice.

As we sat there, eating breakfast, and talking, I worked my leg until gobs of my cum issued quietly from the end of my cock. I was looking him in the eyes, as he was taking with me. The orgasm was delightful and long lasting. As I came to my senses, I wasn't sure *what* I had done, while cumming. I had kind of drifted off into a daydream. I blushed, as I realized that I might have thrusted a little as I shot my load... I think I might have grunted or whimpered a little. I'm not sure. I didn't say anything for awhile, but let Mark talk. He never asked me about the episode, so maybe he didn't notice anything unusual.

I realized, sitting in the car, when returning to his house, that there was a big wet spot clearly visible on my light- colored jeans, on my right thigh, at the end of my out-stretched cock. We worked together all day at the house. The cum-spot gradually dried, but my jets stayed well lubed with many spurts of cum during that memorable day. Knowing Mark, he probably shot a few loads, too. I wish we had been doing it together.