Straight Confessions

Sex = Male
Age Now = 49
Age Then = 15
Where it happened = Toledo

There wasn't much to it. She was a neighbor from a few doors down, about my age but maybe a year older. I think she flunked an early grade at school. Anyway, it was almost evening on the 4th of July and I had some firecrackers. I tossed one at her feet while she sat on the front steps and she chased me.

I ran behind an abandoned store and hid in a stockroom we had long ago jimmied open. She followed me, found me, and we started wrestling. Somehow, we both got excited while wrestling and I lifted her skirt and started dry-humping against her panties. She grabbed my hips and guided the head of my dick, which was pushing out against my trousers, to her "nice spot" (her words, but it was probably her clit). I rubbed her there for a few minutes and she obviously came. I kept doing it and suddenly I was cumming in my pants.

I pulled my pants down fast to prevent the cum from staining my trousers. She watched as my dick throbbed and the wet spot in my underwear grew larger and more wet. I took off my shoes so I could get my trousers off and took my jockey shorts off. I had turned my back to her so she couldn't see, but she wanted to. I finally turned around and she touched my balls as I milked the last of my cum from my dick. When I was done, she touched my dick and wiped a final drop from its tip, which she tasted. After a bit, I taught her how to jack me off. It was getting dark outside and I asked her to show me her puss while there was still enough light to see. She did, then she showed me how to finger her clit to make her cum.

Whoops! :-)

Posted by Lydia on March 07, 1999 at 18:58:58:

This is something I did last fall, when my husband was away. I gave this guy who was a friend of mine a massage on the couch one day. He was wearing only his shorts, and I began to feel a little devilish. As I massaged him, I brushed my hand lightly along his crotch, giggled and said "Whoops!" like it was an accident. Of course, he started to get hard right away. I kept on massaging, and occasionally my fingers would slip down between his legs for a quick tease..."Whoops!" He figured out pretty fast I was doing it on purpose, but he certainly didn't complain. :-) By the time I had finished the massage, his cock was hard and throbbing, and there was a nice little wet spot on the front of his shorts. "Anything else aching to be massaged?" I asked mischievously. He groaned and guided my hand back to his swollen prick. I teased a little more, making him beg and plead not to leave him with blue balls. Then, when I was good and ready, I rubbed his cock and tickled his balls through his shorts till I felt his whole body stiffen up about to come. "Take it out...please," he groaned, but I just smiled and made him spurt an entire load of sperm (several days' worth of teasing, but that's another story) in his shorts. He lay there gasping and panting on the couch, the front of his shorts literally soaked through with come. I gave him a quick kiss, squeezed his sensitive cockhead one last time, and left.

Christmas Week Jeans Jacking Orgy

billywj (19/M) Dec 26 1998 2:15PM EST

Because I didn't have sex or jackoff for about 10 days beforehand, this week turned into a jeans jackoff orgy. I'll post some of the stories over the next few days.

First, I saw my girlfriend, Suzy, after not seeing her for many weeks. When we first saw each other it was in the entrance to her parents home and we just kissed (deeply) but couldn't do anything more as so many people were watching us. We ran up to her room and shut the door and kissed and embraced, falling onto her bed. We had no time for sex as we had to go downstairs for dinner in a minute, but as she leaned back on the bed Suzy hiked up her short skirt, revealing no panties. I told her she was a horny little slut for planning this and she just smiled and pushed my head down. I sucked her and she came in a minute, and we were back downstairs without anyone realizing we were gone.

But the consequence of this was that NOW I was REALLY HORNY and just had to cum. After dinner we changed into more casual clothes....Suzy into a stretch one-piece "catsuit" and me into my tight jeans (no underwear), and the two of us went out. She wanted to go to a dance club she'd heard about but I just wanted to fuck. We got to the parking lot for the club and when we got out of the car she pushed me back against the car and started kissing and hugging me with her hands all over my jeans butt and crotch. I was as hard as a rock. I sat on the warm car hood with my legs spread apart and she leaned into me, massaging my jeans-covered hardon. I told her I was gonna cum in my jeans if she kept that up, and didn't she want to get fucked instead? She smiled and said "Both!"

In seconds I just exploded in my jeans. Because I hadn't cum in so long there was a massive amount that shot out in my jeans crotch which Suzy rubbed into my jeans. Some of it got onto her black catsuit around her stomach where she was leaning into my crotch. I lay back on the car hood , moaning, as she continued to rub my jeans crotch. She said she wanted to go inside and dance. "Like this?" I asked. It's dark; no one will see, she said.

She was right, it was dark and no one could see that my jeans crotch was soaked and that she had some darker areas on her stretch suit. As we danced, I hugged her and thanked her for remembering how much I liked cumming in my jeans and she said the same thing about me sucking her pussy. We got hot and sweaty dancing and about an hour later we are in a dark corner and she starts rubbing herself against me...we are dancing by humping and grinding our crotches together...I am still so horny that I tell her I can cum again and she continues.

Another couple is next to us in the semi-darkness; I am not sure but I think the girl has her hands inside the guy's jeans. We are each stealing glances at the other, each couple secretly getting turned on by the other. Suzy presses me against the wall, pressing her mound against my jeans-covered rockhard cock....I explode again, this time, incredibly, with even more cum...she keeps rubbing against me...cum is being uncontrollably being pumped out in my is all over us. My hand is between her legs; she wore no panties and the thin nylon is soaked with her wetness and my cum. We stop dancing, exhausted, and look for a second at ourselves in the better light in the hallway: white sticky cum coats my jeans crotch and runs down my left jeans thigh, and her black catsuit is smeared with white cum on her stomach, crotch and thighs.

We sneaked back into her parents house and went to our separate bedrooms, temporarily satisfied -- until the next afternoon when we finally had the freedom and privacy to fuck each other silly!

Cumming in Jeans

chet_turner (22/M) Sep 14 1998 11:54PM EDT

I hadn't seen my girlfriend, Julie, for several days so I deliberately wore my tight, faded Guess jeans last night when I knew she was coming to my apartment. I didn't wear anything underneath because (1) Julie thinks it sexy (and I do too) that she can see the shape of my bulge in my jeans, and (2) I was hoping she'd go down on me and underwear just gets in the way. When the door opened I knew I was in trouble (grin!) as Julie was in her very faded, very soft and very very tight Jordache jeans. I didn't have to ask as I knew from experience that she wasn't wearing panties. We embraced at the front door and immediately her hand was on my jeans crotch feeling my hardening cock underneath. I pressed firmly on her tight jeans ass and her crotch pushed into mine. In a second she had pushed me on the carpet, me on my back, Julie straddling me. She slid over my rock-solid cock covered by my jeans and I could feel the warmth between her legs. She rubbed her jeans pussy over my jeans hardon, and we both started thrusting into each other, pushing harder and harder. I told her we'd have to stop otherwise I'd cum...and she kept humping me. I exploded in my jeans and she ground her wet jeans pussy into my cumspot. The hard seam of the jeans fabric between her legs was soaked and dug into my cum-soaked jeans hardon, and I knew it was pressing into her pussy.....we humped for a few more seconds and she moaned she was cumming...and finally she collapsed on top of me, our jeans crotches soaked with each others' cum juices.

Later that evening she told me she'd been looking forward to regular intercourse but had gotten so horny in her tight jeans that when she saw me in my jeans she just had to have an orgasm right away.

Straight - But Addicted to Cumming in Jeans

chet_turner (22/M)Sep 18 1998 8:58AM EDT

Hey, HotJeans98, I am like you in that I am straight and think that the sight of both guys and girls in tight jeans is sexy. I regularly put on a pair of skintight jeans just to jackoff in and fortunately my girlfriend, who also wears tight jeans to show off her good figure, totally approves of and is turned on by my fetish. In fact, sometimes she'll sit in a sofa opposite me in my apartment in her panties and a t-shirt and demand that I jackoff in my jeans while she watches. I plead with her to rub me in my jeans (she often does that too), but this time she torments me by rubbing her pussy thru her panties..the white panties turn transparent as they are soaked with her pussy juices...and in the meantime I am in the opposite sofa with my legs stretched out and rubbing my jeans-covered hardon until I arch my back, thrust out my hips and a masive amount of cum shoots through the faded jeans, instantly creating a big wet cum spot in my jeans. She always cums herself at that moment. Often she'll then get up and scoop up some of the cum that has squirted out onto the surface of the jeans crotch and either rub it with her hand all over my jeans hardon and balls or just lick it up.

I'll tell you more about how we both jackoff in jeans...but I think it's great that both straight and gay guys get off by creaming their jeans!

At the age of 18, and legal to enter strip joints, my friends and I decide thats where we would go on this Friday evening. A 45 mile drive that took us about 25 mins, in a hurry you say? Nah, just a little horny, we had never been to a strip joint. As we entered The Boobie Bungalow a security guard standing at the entrance asking for ID's and a $5.00 covercharge. We all showed ID's and paid the $5.00 and entered the club, found a row of seats on the stage and sat down. The dancer on stage was a beautiful lady and all of us were talking like teenagers do: "I'd love to fuck her" etc.... evidently she heard me as I was saying my piece so she walked over to me and said "So you think i'm sexy, huh?" with an erotic grin on her face. I was stuttering as I replied "Ummmm, uhh huh" she kinda danced her way away from us as she removed her panties and bent over to show her baldness to me and my friends with a slight snicker. After her routine was over she exited the stage and headed straigh for me. Not knowing what to expect, I started to tremble. ( I am still a virgin at this time) She walks up to me and says "You want a table dance? I'll make it well worth your time" How could I resist? So I whipped out a 20 spot from the ole wallet and proceeded to follow her. We go off to one of the stalls and we talk for a few minutes as she starts rubbing on her clit over her panties. Not paying much attention to the conversation, I was more involved in whatching her diddle. My penis began to rise and she noticed and made a comment. "Do you like to watch me play with myself?" of course my reply was "Uhh huh" so she decided she was gonna pull her panties to the side and show me the goods. By now my penis is VERY stiff and she is getting really hot. The song ended and she hadn't even danced for me so she said that she would meet me after her night was over and we would "talk" somemore. The night was over and we got to talking... next thing you know she was unzipping my pants and reaching into my boxers to remove my penis. All of a sudden she starts to laugh. Not knowing why, I just had to ask her. Her comment was "Well, I was gonna suck you off but it seems as though there is nothing left to suck out!" as she is laughing at me hysterically. Not knowing what she meant I just had to find out for myself so I reached into my boxers to notice that I had already blown my load! Talk about being a "Minute Man"! Gawd was I embarassed! And of course she had to let all of her dance partners know... the next time we went there (call me stupid but yeah I went back) all of her partners came up to me and snickered and called me "Jizz Drawers." I havent returned since...

Call me crazy...
by Eileen Dover

I'm not what you'd call an unusual woman, just a mid thirties, average income, 9-5 secretary. I don't over dress, drink to excess, party to the small hours or anything out of the ordinary, except I do like to flash. Flash? Yes, I flash my stocking tops, my panties, even my bare shaved pussy and ass on occasion. It's my little perk, my thrill or buzz, it's free too!

I try to make sure I flash each and every day. It could be just the postman catching a glimpse of my naked body momentarily, through the deeply frosted glass of my front door, before I put my bath robe on to receive a package, or it could be a prolonged tease in a restaurant,bar, or other public place.

Take today. I took lunch in the cafeteria on the third floor of our office building. I'm usually very, very, careful whom I show too at work. This lunch time I spotted a maintenance man, a contractor fixing the air conditioning. He had a company uniform on. Great, imagine the story he'll have to tell when he goes back to his company depot and his work mates. Just the thought turns me on, makes me feel so horny! So, I went to the rest room and came out a few minutes later sans panties, but perfectly normal in every other way.

This guy had now sat at a table, and was beginning his subsidized lunch. I picked up a salad and some juice on a tray from the counter and made my way towards my target. A fake slight stumble drew his attention. He looked up and smiled a "Hi". I smiled back and sat at the table directly opposite. Sitting slightly side on, I had sat down in a way to make my skirt ride up, exposing my tan stocking tops and at least one of the clips holding the taut nylons up. The poor guy was hooked, he noticed within seconds! I've a great body and shapely toned legs. For work I wear 3" stiletto heels, not too high but enough to show off my sexy ankles and calves to great effect. Men love a lady in heels don't they?

Soon I moved forward a little on my chair, and I made sure I ate my food in a slow erotic way, licking my glossy, sexy full lips, putting him in no doubt I was giving him a show. The guy was now slowly "adjusting his dress" under the table. I crossed my legs, high up and exposed much more of my lightly tanned thighs. I like to keep a slight tan, looks healthy, and kind of sexy, don't you think? Now I changed my tack, I looked away from the guy, and took a small paper back book from my bag and opening it, read a short while. Why? So the guy could look at me without embarrassment, didn't want to scare him away with out the grand finale!

I dangled my shoe from the tip of my foot, arching and un-arching my foot. don't you think a pretty female foot looks so sexy arched? I glanced over, he was riveted on my legs, mouth slightly open, eyes almost glazed. His legs were crossed too! Unbeknown to him, I'd been thinking really naughty thoughts, imaging him coming over, kneeling down and running his hands all over my sleek nylon clad thighs, down my calves, up again, over the tops of smooth nylon onto my soft silky thighs, slowly parting them too expose my....

My pussy was wet, I'd been clenching and unclenching muscles down there. I was aroused and almost a hair trigger away from an involentery orgasm.The finale was timed to perfection. I slowly uncrossed my legs.Then re crossed the opposite way, the nylons making that nylon on nylon rustle. I crossed legs again, my hot pussy was now sodden with love juice, my rose about to bloom! The maintenance man now had a noticeable erection, pushing a 'tent' in the front of his cotton trousers. uncrossing my legs and swiveling towards him, I opened my legs wide, one leg still under the table, the other out and back slightly. There it was, one soft plump shaved wet pussy for inspection! I raised the outmost leg up so my heel tip was on a cross piece on my chair, and slowly let my hand drop down there, opening my love hole with the tips of my middle finger and index finger. I was still "reading" my book! I slipped my finger in and out, for probably only twenty seconds, before I orgasmed. I shuddered slightly, gave a soft gasp and came. It was beautiful! The maintenance man coughed! He was wanking his cock under the table, through his trousers! Simultaneous orgasm!! Without touching, uttering a word, knowing each others name. Fabulous!!

Suddenly the maintenance man rose, a damp patch on the front of his cotton drill jeans. He gave me a slight nervous smile and covering his cum stain with a manual, made a retreat out of the room. Fulfilled, I finished my salad and juice, closed my book put it back in my bag and left to go back to my desk. My damp patch was on my chair!

That's probably the most extreme flash I've ever done, quite risky and risque! You see I can cum so easily, sometimes without touching. Once I let a man have full view of my white nylon panties, tight over my bald shaven pussy, my stocking tops and all in between for several minutes. You guessed it? The shoe shine guy at my local bus station! By doing something with my muscles down there and some very, very, dirty thoughts I managed to cum in my panties, causing a clear wet crotch in front of his very eyes. All while I got a great shine on my red kid leather stilettoes!

Other times I flash, if I don't cum there and then, I have to rush to a rest room or get back home to throw my legs open and touch my legs from thigh to calf, especially if in nylons, with the other hand inside my panties (always sheer or gusset less nylon too!) and bring my self off into a gushing, shuddering orgasm!!

So next time you pass that anonymous woman rushing home with hand bag in one hand, groceries in the other, remember me. It could be I'm hurrying back to a private place after showing all to a stranger. On day it could be you!

Till then! XXX. Eileen aka The 'Phantom Flasherette'.

Wild Horse Showroom

Date of information: 21 Sep 95

From: (Chris Orr) If you ever have a chance to go to the Wild Horse Showroom in Honolulu Hawaii then do it. They also have the pornstars coming to dance. My most memorable experience was when Sunset Thomas came. She started out with a long billowing skirt and was dancing around the stage putting her cunt really close to our faces. I took advantage of the proximity and actually leaned forward and tongued her clit. She was tasty. She gave me a little smile and danced on. During her show she played with a big dildo thrusting it in and out of her pussy. Made me hard as a rock. Later the stars give personal dances. She took me into a little room on the side and began rubbing her pussy all over my cock (I had my pants on). Then she leaned forward and let me suck her nipples. Then this is what blew me away. She pulled her G-string aside and grabbed my hand and began fingerfucking her self on my index finger until she came. Then she took my hand and licked all of her juices off. Then she clamped her legs really tight around me so that my cock was piched between her ass cheeks and began to ride me up and down. I couldn't hold back and came in my pants. It was an incredible orgasm. Nowdays they don't let customers into the little side room but the regular dancers will take you up onto a really dark balconly and give you a lap dance like Thomases. Sometimes they get themselves off but they will certainly try to get you off.

We were parked in Ted's mom's car. I'd been rubbing his hard prick through his trousers, and he was playing with my tits through my sweater. It was really as far as we ever went, but this night, I was feeling especially hot from Ted's hands. I fell in love with Ted's ability to caress my breasts "just the right way".

Anyway, I was in the front seat with Ted, and his hands were rhythmically squeezing my breasts through my sweater. I couldn't get the image of his cock out of my head, and without even thinking about it, I moved my hand up, and pulled his zipper down in one steady motion. I continued to rub him on the outside of his pants, but moved my thumb into the opening.

Ted moaned as my thumb grazed his naked cock! He hadn't worn any underwear that night, and with my thumb I felt hair and wetness along his shaft. I was moving my hand awkwardly, cause this was the first time for me. But as I was moving around to get my hand into his opening, I felt him tense up, and hold his breath.

As he pumped his hips into my hand, I reached my fingers into his pants and felt his cock in my hand for the first time! I felt him twitching, and I figured he was coming off in his pants. I explored a bit with my fingers, and I felt his sticky come covering his pole. It felt so thick and hot!

I felt so powerful knowing that I was making him come by just touching him! I was so hot!


Carol and I have been flirting by phone for almost a year, and I must admit that the conversations have become progressively more intimate as time passed. Like the way my penis always gets hard as soon as she says hello and the wet spot in my underwear spreads after one of our hot chats.

Still, I figured that the urge to orgasm in my pants while we talked was strictly a male thing. I even admitted a couple of times that talking to her made it difficult to stand afterwards.

You are reading this because yesterday I found out that Carol is not a woman of steel. In fact, her panties get wetter than my underwear when we have our little heavy breathing sessions.

But I'm getting ahead of my story. First let me tell you how I found out about her reaction to my horny comments. After a hot conversation I hung up with an erection that felt like it might explode at any second. But I still had my mind on business enough to realize that her sexy voice had distracted me so much that I forgot to ask a valid business question.

So less than a minute after we hung up, I punched in her number, reached her answer machine and got the "away from my desk" speech.

I was surprised that she had left her desk so quickly but didn't think much about it as I left her a message to call me. I spent the next ten minutes fighting the urge to take a trip to the men's room to give my still hard self a bit of badly needed attention, and I was rising from my chair when the phone rang.

"Where have you been?" I teased, as soon as she gave me the usual hot hello.

She laughed and said the truth would embarrass me.

"You can't embarrass a guy with an erection," I blurted without thinking that she might be shocked by my frankness.

The words produced an excited giggle and a soft, sexy sigh. "Keep talking like that and I'll have to go back to the bathroom," she whispered.

"Back?" I choked.

"I go there every time we talk," she purred. "It's the only way I can get any work done afterwards."

"What do you do in there?" I asked.

"I masturbate," she admitted in a voice cracked with excitement. "Now are you happy?"

"I'd be happier if I could hear you climax," I panted.

"Damn," she panted. "If anyone sees me, I'm dead."

"Are you doing it?" I muttered.

"My hand is under my dress and my fingers are stroking my labia lips. They are so wet I can hear my fingers squish."

"Tell me when it's gonna happen," I choked. "I want to do it with you."

"You'd better hurry, because I'm about to have my third orgasm."

I growled and squeezed my pole through my pants while boiling squirts of love lotion shot from my twitching tool. We panted into the phone until I was able to catch my breath and thank her for the best phone call in my life.

I also informed her that our new game was going to be hell on my wardrobe because we both knew that we'd be doing it again.