Cum In Tights

Amazing clip of a guy wearing tights. His cock is pointing straight up, and he's not even touching it. That doesn't keep him from letting all his jizz out right inside the tights!

Direct link: http://www.XTube.com/play_re.php?v=1pGkxpNm8CP&cl=Uo25H8wsuWp


"Cumming n my jeans"

This one never fails to get me off. This guy basically just teases his bulge through his tight Levi's until his trapped cock lets loose with a load of cum right in them!

Direct link: http://www.XTube.com/play_re.php?v=1QPp4VcYWUm&cl=f7syd95GmaU


"Wank and cum through my trackie pants"

This is a longer clip (just over 3 minutes) of a hot session that finishes with the guy creaming inside his trackies!

Direct link: http://www.XTube.com/play_re.php?v=x2AUCLSaI88&cl=YX36kwCNrZb

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