Tim and Jeff

Part One

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Jeff was trying to impress his buddy Tim by telling him about his most recent date. Tim was eating it up -- he really looks up to his friend because Jeff's had a lot more experience with girls than he has.

Jeff was teasing Tim with a few choice details about his date, like the fact that his girlfriend, Sue, felt his cock through his pants for the first time. He was enjoying Tim's reaction to his story telling -- Tim had an obvious boner pushing out the front of his jeans.

C'mon! Tell me what happened!

Sue's got the nicest tits I ever had my hands on.
I put my hands over her panties and she was
getting hot on the way I was feeling her up.

Tim was both impressed and aroused. His throbbing hard-on demanded some attention, so he pressed his wrist into the bulge. His cock throbbed powerfully, releasing a drop of pre-cum into his boxers. Jeff couldn't help but notice Tim's movement, but he chose to ignore it and continue telling his hot story. He went into detail about how silky Sue's panties felt and how he could feel the moisture from her pussy seeping into the material.

Wow... I'm getting turned on just listening to you.
And all this time she's jackin' it off in your pants?

Yeah, and it feels like my boxers
are getting a little bit wet.

This admission made Tim's cock throb and release even more juice. This time, it started to soak through his Levi's. He realized how turned on he was getting, and he knew he didn't want to have an accident in front of Jeff, so in a roundabout way, he asked Jeff for some advice he hoped would help. Jeff was more interested in turning Tim on, though.

Oh, man! When I feel my boxers getting wet,
I know I'm not gonna be able to hold it.
How could you hold it back?

I'm thinking to myself, 'I'm gonna hold it in.
I'm not gonna cream
my boxers.' Sue's really
getting off on this. She's doing a heavy
number on the lump on my pants like
she wants to make me cream in my jeans.

Tim figured he better move his cock behind his fly so the wet spot wouldn't show, so he reached down and tried unsuccessfully to yank it up. Then, trying to be as cool as Jeff, he pretended that his girlfriends got him off, too. Meanwhile, telling his hot story and watching his buddy squirm caused Jeff to pop a boner down his left thigh, and he used his forearm to try and push it down.

Sounds familiar. My girlfriends are always
trying to make me let go in my pants.

Well, I wasn't going to give up that easy.
I didn't really want to get
stains on my good boxers...

Tim had boxers that he thought of as his favorites -- in fact he was wearing a pair that day. But he never figured Jeff thought the same way. When Jeff said he had some "good boxers," Tim wanted to find out if they liked the same kind.

Good boxers, huh? Like these?

Yeah, you got it.
So I told her, "You're gonna make me
cum in my pants pretty soon."

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