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Steve is a very cool guy -- too cool for his own good. He drives a muscle car and spends lots of time working on it in his driveway. He's been in between girlfriends for a while, but he thinks he's too cool to jack off. The problem is that he wakes up with boners every morning that seem to take forever to go down (and he refuses to take the hint). On this morning, he woke up from a very erotic dream, just seconds away from losing his load. Not wanting to "waste it," he decided to get up and get dressed, confident that he would be in no danger of cumming if he were fully clothed. Or so he thought...

He tried everything to get his boner to go down -- first he tried adjusting its position. The friction of his cock against his boxer shorts nearly brought him off, so he just squeezed the base of his cock and sat real still. He remembered the hot dream that has started it all and suddenly found himself struggling to hold back his load once more.


Steve's cock was throbbing like crazy and leaking pre-cum into his pants. He tried desperately to convince himself that he could hold back his load. But cool Steve couldn't control his balls -- they suddenly began firing his sperm right into his pants. Afterwards, he was really embarrassed -- he didn't think it was too cool walking around with a huge wet cum stain on his jeans.

Steve's about to cum!


See the moment that Steve "loses it" in his pants with two amazingly heavy spurts of wet cum!

(Be patient -- the file is 200K. Animation should loop seamlessly once it's all loaded.)

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