These are sets of multiple photos of the same models.

Love Machines - These pictures came from one on my earliest gay porn magazines -- the only one I've saved this long, and still one of my all-time favorites. For my money, you can't get any more perfect than this blond guy (I think his name's Jerry): Really cute, perfect Levi's, perfect T-shirt, great hair and of course, boxers! The dark haired guy in the black bikini briefs is very pretty, too, and makes a nice contrast. And for "action," you've got your jeans rubbing, shorts chewing, bulge licking, and finally some nice boners. I chose these pics as the ones that turned me on the most, but to be honest, I rarely got past the first or third pics in the second row. Just imagining Jerry trying to stop his partner from rubbing the bulge a little too much ("Wait a minute, I'm gonna cum!") usually takes me over the edge in my own jeans! :-)

Hot Rods - The premise here is a couple of guys washing a van. The blond in the bikini and the brunette in the jockstrap don't get too much washing done, but the way the blond guy bulges in that bikini, neither would I!

Girlie Mags - When teen buddies get together, a "Gallery" magazine can start some real trouble. The tall, sandy-haired boy discovers that his friend is actually a pretty good cock sucker! I love the cutoffs.