This was a friend of mine named Bob. We would go to the beach together and look at hot guys, then come back and have a jack-off session in our jeans. I would usually rub him off through his Levi's. I loved it when he came -- he'd say, "I can't hold it!" and then he'd start whimpering, almost sobbing, as his cock shot off in his pants. He always made great wet spots; this picture was taken just before he left my house to walk down the block to where he parked his car. I'm sure I'm not the only one who got to see that wet spot!

This friend loved to cum in his pants. He usually jacked himself off in his Levi's while I watched.


Chipper was a real horn dog. He used to come over and look at Playboys and such, and when he'd get horny enough, he'd let me rub his jeans. I'd know he was "horny enough" when he'd sit there looking at his big boner (pic #1). The stain under his left pocket in pic #2 is... you guessed it!


This dude's name was Alberto. He was a totally hot latino guy. Very cool. Really into dressing just right. He almost always wore Dickies work pants and a white T-shirt, sometimes with a plaid wool shirt over it. I don't think he was in a gang, but he sure dressed the part. If he was, I'm sure his amigos had no idea of his secret -- wearing Dickies (with boxers underneath, of course) and a cool T-shirt made him horny. If he didn't have a date coming up, he'd come over and watch pornos with me. One time, while he was tugging at his hard verga (cock) through his pants, complaining about how long it had been since he last got off, I told him to just go ahead and let his mecos (jizz) out in his boxers. "Oh man, that'd be hot!" he said, and he totally started jacking off through his Dickies. I don't think he was thinking about what would happen! Good thing he had one of his long plaid shirts that day!

Some of Mr. Creamjeans' Favorite Orgasms

Yep, that's me in all three photos. The first one I did standing up and jacking it through one of my favorite light blue cord jeans. The second was through some faded brown cord jeans that had been rubbed so much the corduroy had been worn away at the crotch. The one on the right is a favorite. This was another pair of terribly worn cord jeans, and when I drenched them with a big load of jizz, you could actually see the pattern of my favorite boxers right through the pants!


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