Dan hangs out with a pretty tough crowd. I bet they'd give him a bad time if they knew he regularly creamed his pants and boxers. He admitted to me that when he makes out with a girl he almost always shoots off in his pants. He said it didn't take much -- he has a "hair trigger." But he has totally convinced himself that jacking off is un-cool -- he insists he never jacks off (which may account for his dick's extreme sensitivity). When his cock gets hard and won't go down, he uses a special technique to cause an ejaculation without really masturbating or even climaxing! He calls it just "emptying my balls." First, he reaches down and "adjusts" his boner to sense how urgent it is to release his load. Usually he decides to save his load and just waits for his cock to go soft. But if he gets that certain tingle, he sits quietly, concentrating mentally on letting his sperm out. He'll occasionally squeeze his hardon through his pants, but he never strokes it up and down (that way he knows he can't be jacking off). It only takes few minutes of this before his cum starts totally gushing out into his boxers! He just steadily grips his cock while the cum flows out in his pants. He even suppresses the orgasmic contractions -- he says, "That's for when you're with a chick." This type of ejaculation he describes as "just letting it leak out."

Watching him cum was pretty amazing -- there was almost no movement in the minutes leading up to his ejaculation, just minimal squeezing. There was some tension building in his body, and his cock jumped a couple of times, but I was completely taken by surprise when he switched hands and said, very calmly, "OK, it's coming out now." I think I was breathing harder than he was as we both watched the wet spot spread on his pants. Afterwards, he told me that when he was younger, an older boy warned him about jacking off and told him how he should save himself for a chick. He immediately stopped jacking off, and after a few weeks of relentless boners, a particularly vivid fantasy caused him to spontaneously ejaculate in his pants while sitting in class. He figured it was like a "wide-awake wet dream" and everybody knows you can't control wet dreams. So he worked out the technique to do it whenever he wanted. He later found that he could let all the semen just flow out without having the contractions, so he decided to save his orgasmic contractions for his girlfriend, too. And the only way he'll do this is in his pants and boxers -- anything else would be too close to jacking off. But if he cums in his jeans this much from "just letting it leak out," I can't imagine how wet his pants are when he comes home from a date!

Click on the yellow splash at the left to hear Dan's story in his own words. He talks about his ideas on jacking off and the special kind of ejaculation he allows himself, then he keeps talking while his semen flows into his pants, making a big wet stain! NOTE: It's 243 KB, and you'll need the latest Real Media software, which you can download free at http://www.real.com

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